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US History Smart Review: Complete Prep Guide Book with Practice Test Questions [Includes Detailed Answer Explanations]

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Test Prep Books' U.S. History Smart Review: Complete Prep Guide with Practice Test Questions [Includes Detailed Answer Explanations]

Studying U.S. History? Want to feel more confident on the subject?

Written by Test Prep Books, this comprehensive review includes:

  • Quick Overview
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Exploration (1491-1607)
  • Section 2: Colonization (1607-1754)
  • Section 3: American Revolution (1754-1800)
  • Section 4: Industrialization and Reform (1800-1848)
  • Section 5: The Civil War Era (1844-1877)
  • Section 6: Reconstruction (1865-1889)
  • Section 7: Imperialism and The World Wars (1890-1945)
  • Section 8: The Cold War Era (1945-1980)
  • Section 9: Modern Times (1980-Present)
  • Section 10: Historical Analyzation
  • Section 11: Government
  • Section 12: Economics
  • Section 13: Geography
  • Practice Questions
  • Detailed Answer Explanations

Studying is hard. We know. We want to help. You can master U.S. History.

Each part of the guide has a full review. This review book covers most everything you need to know about U.S. History.

Lots of practice questions are included. Miss one and want to know why? There are detailed answer explanations to help you avoid missing the same question a second time.

Are you a bad test taker?

Use your time wisely with the latest test-taking strategies. Don't settle for just learning what is on the test. Learn how to be successful with that knowledge.

Test Prep Books has drilled down the top test-taking tips. This will help you save time and avoid making common mistakes on test day.

Get your U.S. History review guide. It includes detailed review material, practice questions, and test-taking strategies.

It has everything you need for success.

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